Sick of Ventolin?

I treat many many kids every year who are dependent on Flixotide and Ventolin. Elimination of these pharmaceutic drugs takes delicate constitutional and miasmatic remedies and complex case management but it works!

Ant Tart is the first remedyI choose for wheezy, chesty, wet coughs, with difficult breathing and a lot of rattling mucus that cannot be expectorated. The person may feel as though they are suffocating and can produce a sweat and be very debilitated. In severe cases, the person may have a bluish tinge around the eyes and lips.

❌The breathing is difficult and noisy with abundant ropey, white and sticky mucus. The cough can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting or retching of phlegm that they cannot spit up. Also useful for pustular eruptions that leave a bluish scar.

❌Worse: cough that is worse at 3-4am; sour things; lying down; being looked at; a warm room
❌Better: sitting up; vomiting; cold water; coughing up phlegm
❌Useful for: loose, wet coughs; asthma; breathing difficulty; pneumonia; pleurisy; scarring acne

Other medicines to consider for asthma include Medhorrhinum, Baccillinum, Phosphorus, Aconite and Hepar Sulph.

📌Consultation by a Homoeopathic Clinician is recommended for permanent resolution and results. Do not eliminate medications without the correct and thorough supervision of the consulting physician.