Michelle Wilson

My family and I began working with Nicole (with her family care plan) recently and just this week I received the invoice to pay for our
next month.
I was honestly surprised when I saw the invoice...
Now what shocked me was that we have only been working with Nicole for a month!
In that month I have seen some epic things take place with my family and more than anything, transformation with myself.
I honestly didn’t believe I could achieve what I have in such a short time
Even the way I communicate with my partner has changed.
So much so our move interstate is literally around the corner, we are beginning to laugh together again and I now see and truly
believe in our future together.
Witnessing the changes in my girls has been miraculous.
In 1 month Nicole has done more for my family than I’d hoped (even thought was possible) that could be achieved in 3-6 months.
A deep darkness I’ve been living in for so long has lifted. I see so much for my future, and I owe it to Nicole and her homeopathic
I’m so so grateful.
If this is what life is like after 1 month then I don’t know what to expect moving forward because I’m blown away.
Thank you Nicole!
Working with you has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

Carol A.

Nicole has been wonderful in helping me get a handle on my anxiety. I started using Puraforce Remedies for the family to boost our immunity and help with our overall wellness. I was so happy with the results that I decided to have a consultation with Nicole to help me get off my anti-depressants and try a natural approach. We have had several consults and I use Nicole’s prescribed remedies and have now weaned off the anti-depressants and am managing my anxiety naturally.

Stephanie G.

I originally went to see Nicole so I could get some advice on controlling my adult acne, but Nicole uncovered the real culprit. I had not realized how my digestive system was affecting my entire life, let alone my skin. With a series of easy nutritional changes and Nicole's Digestion Aid Drops, I started to see the difference within 2 weeks.

Tracy J.

My daughter was developing early for her age, she was getting breast buds and there were signs of hormonal change and severe mood swings. She wasn’t coping with her friends and her school work and I wasn’t coping with her behavior either. After consulting with Nicole and taking the prescribed remedies she is back to her happy self and her development is back to normal. I feel like her puberty is on track now not early and we are managing her diet carefully according to Nicole’s recommendations.

Raina T

I have suffered from Neurological Lyme disease for 13 years, tried every herbal and nutritional supplement available and nothing has made any difference. I heard Nicole’s testimonial of how she healed her Lyme Disease with her remedies, diet changes, and lifestyle adjustments. I consulted with Nicole and have begun her protocols, for the first time I am feeling hopeful that there may be a better quality of life for me. I already have more energy, less brain fog and have improved cognitive function. I am excited for what I can achieve with Nicole in the next few months, I had previously believed that Lyme Disease was a life sentence.

Sam P.

My son was in the hospital with a strep infection and the doctors were unable to get it under control. I was given Nicole’s number from a friend and called her at 9 pm on a Sunday night desperate and in tears. Within four days our son was home, healing and back to his usual self because of Nicole’s remedies. We had a lot of work to do with remedies and rebuilding his gut after all the antibiotics but a year later and my boy is stronger and healthier than he has ever been. Nicole, you are a godsend and my first and only phone call now whenever any of us are sick.

Nicole P.

My mum has suffered with panic attacks and great anxiety as her dementia is getting worse and worse. After consulting with Nicole and starting her remedies she is smiling again and isn’t calling us in a panic in the middle of the night. I love that Nicole’s remedies can be taken at the same time as her medications at the nursing home, all the staff have commented on how peaceful mum is now and Homeopathic Medicine is what has done this for her. Thank you Nicole, I am so grateful that you can help us make her last few months as comfortable as possible.

Barbara A

I met Nicole through my son, his business was a few doors down from her clinic. I was desperate, I had been bitten by a black widow spider and the medications were not treating the site of the wound and my leg was quickly becoming black and septic. None of the anti biotics or medications were working but Nicole prescribed two Homeopathic Medicines and 8 days later my leg was back to normal, I could walk, I had no pain and the color was back to normal. I had never seen Homeopathic Medicine work but now I am a believer!

Gabriella A.

I had been taking thyroxin for my thyroid since I was 17 and my dosage kept going up and up. I started having painful periods, my skin started to get a lot of painful red pimples and I was gaining weight. Three months after consulting with Nicole my thyroxin medication is the lowest it has ever been, I am back to my ideal weight and my skin looks great. I didn’t realize my hormones were such an issue until I started Nicole’s remedies.

Angela K.

I had been feeling emotionally unstable for a few months, my marriage was in a rough patch and I was just angry and upset at everyone all the time. I didn’t like the mother I was being to my children and I thought it may be my hormones. Someone from my church recommended I have a consult with Nicole and it was the best thing I could have done. I feel like my old self again, I don’t have my angry outbursts and my depression has gone. I am so happy that I am back to normal without having to take anxiety and depression medication.

Jaya S.

I have been working with Nicole for over 10 years. Initially she helped me with her Homeopathic Remedies and now I am also getting her assistance with coaching. I can’t recommend her highly enough, she has a very beautiful, calming and understanding way of breaking things down into simple terms and achievable goals. She has a gentle nature and has helped me through a lot of hormonal changes and taught me how to cope with the emotional highs and lows.

Abby Huffor

I have been seen and heard from Nicole’s practice for over a year now, for a huge range of reasons. I’ve been so incredibly surprised by how each treatment has worked so well for such different things. I love Nicole because she educates you on what the remedies are doing, what your body is doing, and how it will all come together! She is a power house of knowledge and she is so willing to share anything she knows. I’m truly grateful for Nicole and the PuraForce Remedies! It has allowed me to feel comfortable and confident in not seeking “help” from western medicine.

Sarah Corbey

This is one seriously amazing human! Nicole has such a beautiful passion for quality of life, she really cares. Thank you Nicole for giving me the confidence I need with my boy coming off medication - it’s like he grew up overnight! What you do is seriously magical thank you so much.

Nikki Lyons

Nicole is an amazing homeopathic practitioner that thinks outside the box. Her methodology in prescribing and dosing fast tracks health and healing. I use Nicole for myself and my 4 young kids. I fear no illness or symptom because with the power of homeopathy and Nicole's ability I'm in good hands.

Anthea Pascall

Without hesitation I would recommend Nicole. With great ease I am dealing with Nicole from Australia, her communication is spot on via phone calls and email. My biggest happiness though is seeing the changes in my sons behaviour we are unraveling a more confident boy who isn’t clogged up with frustration and anxiety. He can now handle the demands of life easier all through the power of Nicole’s remedies. I am so grateful.

Erin Murphy

I have known Nicole over 15 years, after being recommended by a mutual friend to try Homeopathy. I was skeptical, however, I felt an instant connection and trust with Nicole. I worked hard over many years to change my ways and thought process with the help and guidance from Nicole. We have consulted over many things and I have always walked away with great comfort knowing I'm being looked after and provided with correct information. I don't know where I would be now if I hadn't met with Nicole all those years ago in her purple room. Nicole is a great asset to this world, a passionate and genuine practitioner who is always ready to help anyone thats ready to help themselves.

Nicki Sharma

Our family of 5 have been patients of Nicole’s for the past 14 years. She has been our go to health practitioner for so many of our physical and mental health concerns during this time. Her warmth, compassion and most importantly innate sense of what we need in that moment is unbelievable. I could not speak highly enough of the positive impact she has had on my and my daughters lives.

Cynde Margritz

Nicole quickly has become an indispensable part of keeping our extended family, including our pets, happy and healthy. For the past three years her carefully chosen remedies have quickly resolved our acute emergencies and progressed us slowly but surely through the resolution of several chronic inflammatory processes. We love homeopathy and Nicole delivers it better than any other Homeopath we know. Her depth of analysis and experience set her apart as well as her professionalism and caring. You always feel like you have someone on your side who can expertly wield the power of homeopathy in your favor.

Brooke Millard

Nicole’s phenomenal knowledge and care has been greatly appreciated amongst our family. I have sought natural and homeopathic services in Australia for many years, however Nicole’s support is next level. She honestly cares and understands our explicit needs. I have been using her remedies for a while now and feel more content and confident within myself. My husband has utilised her remedies to support his physically demanding job. We appreciate the effort Nicole takes in helping us set up international skype sessions often finding her appointments are more suited to our needs amongst work and family commitments. Nicole, we can’t thank you enough.

Dayna Pittard

I went to see Nicole nearly 5 years ago with an awful skin rash covering both my hands. I had seen medical specialists and a naturopath for 18 months prior to this with no change in my condition. I had given up hope. I saw Nicole expecting nothing to change again. Nicole treated me with homeopathy. My skin condition improved within a day, but more than that, I felt better, my deep depression and hopelessness lifted. My whole family receives homeopathic support from Nicole. It has transformed our lives. Nicole is dedicated, compassionate and so knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone to see her about anything. She can help!

Kara Bailey

Nicole helped me when I was at my lowest- with incredible stomach pain. My daughter wasn’t sleeping and also had horrible colic which was making me stressed out and so so sleep deprived. Nicole whipped us both up a remedy and I felt the difference immediately. In three days I was literally pain free - I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to see Nicole for ailments. She also helped me with a number of tips and lifestyle changes with food and sleep which have helped our family become so so healthy. Now 4 years later after my first appointment my kids rarely get sick- and when they do it’s not for very long!