Remedies we all need right now…

With the ongoing holding patterns, announcements and status of the world as it is at the moment – the uncertainty, the lockdowns, the restrictions and isolation.
I am prescribing the following remedies every day in my practice to adults, teens and children.
My hope in sharing this with you is that you would reach for these as needed to remain grounded, present, connected and hopeful.
✅ Begin with 30c once an hour until you feel relief or see an attitudinal or behavioral shift.
🌀Ignatia – for grief, loss and despair of the life that you used to have and the memories you may not be making at the moment due to restrictions and rules. Suitable for those suffering from grief and loss from death, loss of rights/ideas and lost opportunities.
🌀Staphasagria – for all the feelings of injustice, when the person constantly speaks about how unfair things are. These people are angry, they have a very strong moral compass and they really struggle with rage and depression.
🌀Nat Mur – for disappointment and disbelief about how things are and how things will be. The people that need this medicine are sad, gloomy, melancholic and really feel lost and taken from. These people can also feel anger, rage and have a need to talk out their feelings.
🌀Pulsatilla – for feelings of sadness, isolation and loss where they miss their family, friends and ’normal life.’ They feel much better when everyone they love is together and connected and really are suffering with the isolation and loss of living in community. These people can become clingy, fearful and anxious about the future when they have to deal with bad news, announcements and are not connected physically or virtually to their family/friends.
For dosage seek out the guidance of an experienced clinician.