Remedies for Women…

Women are strong, they are powerful but they sure do get tired and can feel unbalanced…
Here are the remedies I most commonly reach for for the women in my practice –
🌀Pulsatilla – for when women feel overwhelmed and that their emotions are just under the surface and hard to contain. This remedy brings great perspective in tough times and really restores a woman’s internal strength, reliance and helps her set healthy boundaries for herself.
🌀Muriatic Acid – for complete exhaustion from ‘mothering’ and caring for others. No medicine in the matera medicine restored energy levels and emotional stamina like this one!
🌀Sepia – for women who feel suffocated by the people they love and their to do list. They want to be left alone to get things done, to clear the decks and be allowed to be productive without interruption. This remedy really assist women who lose their patience easily with their spouse and children and find it hard to balance their career and home life.
✅ I prescribe these remedies in high potency to bring about fast and permanent change. For dosage seek out the guidance of an experienced clinician.