Remedies for when you first start to work out –

With the kids returning back to school this week many mums have the opportunity to get back to the gym and the first week can feel a little rough with stiffness and soreness.
These medicines are fantastic for relief. Similarly I am prescribing them for many in the northern hemisphere for those who are skiing on weekends and snow shoeing who pull up sore and stiff the next day.
❌Mag Phos – a great muscle relaxant and ideal for prevention of muscle cramps and spasms. Taken 4x daily it brings great relief for muscles soreness and aches and pains from when you first start to do more physical exertion.
❌Arnica – great if you had a fall on the slopes or you lifted too heavy a weight in the gym and you are concerned you have hurt yourself in a small way. Take 4x daily for any bruising, swelling or tenderness in the muscles and joints.
❌Rhus Tox – this remedy is brilliant for the stiffness that comes the day after! An essential to have in your kit with you on the mountain, take hourly to relieve soreness and stiffness while your muscles and joints limber up.
I like to prescribe Rhus Tox in 200, Mag Phos in 30 and Arnica in a 30 or 10M depending on the injury.