Remedies for Sports Injuries –

Sprains, strains, bruises, falls, aching muscles and sore tender joints and swellings. There is great relief that can be given with Homoeopathic Medicines after playing sports and having a sports injury.
Remedies I reach for in my practice –
❌Arnica – this is considered the first medicine to reach for and can be applied topically with a cream or orally as medicine or both for swelling, bruising, pain and inflammation. Do not use if the skin has be broken but for all else this is the best choice.
❌Bryonia – for swelling of joints that are worse and more painful with movement. This medicine is particularly good for injuries in the chest, shoulder and hamstrings.
❌Rhus Tox – fantastic for the aches and pains after exercise and injury where the pain is there on initial movement but gets better as the person moves around some more. This is very good for overexertion and heavy lifting injuries.
❌Ledum – brilliant for sprains and strains that are better from cold applications and worse from warm/hot applications.
❌Ruta Grav – or inflammation and tears that feel hot to touch. I use this a lot for tennis elbow and knee injuries from overexertion.
I like to dose in a 6c or 30c dry dose every 10 minutes in acute and immediate response to injury for the first hour and then reduce to every 20 minutes for the next 3-4 hours or until the patient has relief.