Remedies for Negative Thoughts –

I have to tell you, this is where Homeopathic Medicine really comes into its own and it can be magical. Especially for teenagers and those of us who tend to like control, need reassurance and overthink.
🌀Arsenicum Album – I reach for this for my patients who worry about their heath, their future, their relationships and money. These people tend to ruminate and overthink and it gets worse when they are alone and at night. The people who do best on this medicine need order, structure and routine to be their best and they can become obsessive over little things easily.
🌀Gelsemium – for people who worry about the future. These people suffer the most from anticipatory anxiety, they worry about social events, exams, dental appointments and things that may not even happen. They don’t like to be in large crowds and often have nervous diarrhea.
🌀Phosphorus – for people who worry about what others think of them and are afraid of being rejected. They worry about being alone are often afraid of the dark, crowds, thunderstorms and dogs.
🌀Lycopodium – the people who need this remedy suffer from social anxiety and feel awkward around others. They suffer with low self confidence and often have anxiety with new things and in social situations. They want to be left alone but dread solitude.
For dosage advice seek out the guidance of an experienced clinician.