Remedies for Nappy Rash –

Unfortunately when the teeth begin to come through the urine and stool become acidic and so nappy rash becomes problematic for many babies.
While at the same time as using an organic non petroleum barrier cream I recommend the following remedies –
🌀Chamomilla – when the rash is due to teething and the stool looks like chopped egg and spinach (yep, it’s a thing!)
🌀Merc Sol – When there are blisters and burns and the delicate skin is so thin it begins to tear.
🌀Candida Nosode – when the rash is from suspected or confirmed Candida albicans.
🌀Calendula – when the skin is red, painful and inflamed.
🌀Apis – when urination and passing stool burns to the point of tears and the baby cannot stand anything touching the skin including the nappy.
✅ I encourage the families in my practice to carry these in their faraday bag in 30c potency. Dose every 7 minutes if the symptoms are extreme and acute or once an hour if they are mild.