Remedies for Menstrual Discomfort –

Many young women and girls suffer with moodines, pain, heavy periods, boating, headaches, abdominal discomforts and cramping.
Homoeopathic Medicine gives fast and effective relief. I like to dose the following medicines every 15 minutes in 30c potency to offer relief for the patients in my care.
❌Mag Phos – the classic anti spasmodic that stops pain, cramping and abdominal discomfort. Suitable for those girls and women that feel better bending double, with a hot water bottle and staying in bed or lying on the couch.
❌Nux Vomica – period pain and irritability where there is also pressure in the bowel and some nausea. There is a great desire for fatty foods, actually any kind of junk food and there is pressure in the rectum until bowels are evacuated to give relief.
❌Pulsatilla – for frustration, anger and exasperation that leads to teariness and feeling clingy, sad, gloomy and melancholic in general. The emotions are just under the surface and the familiarity of the same people, places and entertainment makes them feel better. There is period pain, desire for creamy junk foods like ice cream and cheese and the person wants to be looked after.
❌Belladonna – when the pain comes on suddenly and is very aggressive. The person feels hot, flustered and irritable but cannot get up to tend to their needs.
❌Bryonia – when the pain is severe and the only relief comes from hot blankets and showers and laying perfectly still in the bed.
❌Phosphorus – when the pain is lower in the pelvis and there is a large flow that even causes flooding. This will significantly reduce the flow and risk of staining and embarrassment.
❌Sepia – for extreme irritability and some cramps and heaviness in the pelvis and the person just wants to be left alone and to get things done. Consolation, company and being asked to do things for others makes them super cranky and snappy with others. They have swollen and painful breasts, crave sugar and chocolate and there is often headaches and even migraines with the period and ovulation.