Remedies for Lactation –

Breast-feeding and lactation is greatly encouraged in my practice. The benefits of breastfeeding for both the child and mother are greatly documented but it is not always an easy journey.
I prescribe these medicines often and it brings great relief and great success to the breastfeeding relationship and health of mother and child.
πŸŒ€Lac Humanum – this medicine is my number one, it aids in supply issues, emotional attachments and prevents mastitis.
πŸŒ€Belladonna – for mastitis and engorged large breasts that are painful from too much milk and/or infection.
πŸŒ€Borax – when the breasts are painful and ache after nursing. This medicine is great for when there are circulatory issues and the woman has painful breasts and nipples. The woman experiences pain in the opposite breast while the baby is feeding. Both breasts ache after breastfeeding.
πŸŒ€Calc Carb – when the breasts ache and feel large and uncomfortable from over supply.
πŸŒ€Dulcamara – not enough supply to satisfy baby and the mother experiences chills and depression.
πŸŒ€Phytolacca – breast lumps and cysts, the breast is painful when breastfeeding and the pain radiates to the rest of the body.
For correct potency and dosage please see an experienced clinician.