Remedies for Hayfever –

It’s that time of year again and the phone calls and consultations have started coming into my practice for seasonal allergies.
The best way to prevent hayfever and to prepare for the seasonal change if you are sensitive to allergies is to eat 1 tablespoon of local raw honey from your area every day. This exposes your immune system to very small amounts of the pollens in the area and can really make a difference. I encourage my patients to do this year round.
In addition these remedies bring great relief –
🌀Arsenicum Album – when the discharge from the eyes and nose burns, is acrid and causes great discoloration and irritation to the skin. The person really suffers with sneezing and an asthmatic cough that is worse when they lie down.
🌀Sulphur – when there is redness and itchiness of the eyes, nose and skin and there is great relief from cold applications to the skin, eyes and nose.
🌀Nat Mur – when the sneezing and symptoms overall are worse in the morning and there is itching of the nose, ears and throat. The discharge is thicker like egg whites and the person can be irritable and/or teary.
🌀Euphrasia – when the discharges from the eyes and nose do not burn but are copius.
🌀Allium Cepa – when the nose and eyes run like a tap and there is burning around the nose.
✅ I encourage the families in my practice to carry these in their faraday bag in 30c potency. Dose every 7 minutes if the symptoms are extreme and acute or once an hour if they are mild.