Remedies for Ganglions –

A ganglion is a small cystic tumor of fluid that is connected to the a joint or tendon. It usually presents on the hands or the feet. I treat many every year and although the cause is unknown and most likely trauma to the tissue or excessive use of the joint permanent solutions are possible with Homeopathic Medicine.

Here are the remedies I reach for –

šŸŒ€Ruta – for when the wrist has shooting pains and is stiff. It feels sprained and it feels both worse with rest and movement. There is often tingling and numbness in the hand and the joint feels bruised all over.

šŸŒ€Carbo Veg – this medicine brings great relief when there is pain in the arms, wrists and hands. There is great tension in the joint and it can cramp up and have heat locally and even burning in the hands.

šŸŒ€Causticum – for when there are tearing pains in the joint and burning in the fingers. There is numbers and the pain is localized to one or to main areas. There is heaviness and weakness in the joint and the ganglion is often on the back of the hand.

šŸŒ€Arnica – great for prevention is there has been trauma to the joint and you can see the ganglion beginning to form.

šŸŒ€Tuberculinum – the anti miasmatic medicine that is given both along side the best indicated remedy for treatment and also to prevent recurrence of the same ailment.

For dosage seek out the guidance of an experienced clinician.