Remedies for Fibromyalgia –

Unfortunately I see many many cases of Fibromyalgia each year.

People who suffer with Fibromyalgia live in constant pain, they are often reaching for suppressive and liver damaging drugs every day just to get through.

There is great promise of permanent resolution for these people with Homeopathic Medicine. It can take a few months but the pain does completely resolve, their inflammation reduces and they regain an active lifestyle.

As in this Homeopathic study –

well prescribed medicines on the miasmatic and constitutional levels are essential. Relief can be given by these medicines acutely also –

🌀Rhus Tox – for when the pains are worse in the mornings and on first movement. As the day goes on the patient has more mobility and less pain.

🌀Aconite – for the pains that come on suddenly after being exposed to cold or a weather change with cold wind. They can’t find any relief tossing and turning in bed to find relief.

🌀Bryonia – for the pain that is worse with the slightest movement. The pain is better with pressure on the painful part and laying perfectly still. The pains in the back of the neck, legs, arms and back can feel better with hot applications.

🌀Causticum – for the pains that come with stiffness and are worse from exhaustion and feeling cold. These people feel better in bed when they are warm and laying down. They are worse from doing too much and they can suffer from restless legs at night. For dosage seek out the guidance of an experienced clinician.

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