Post Natal Depression

Many women reach out for Homoeopathic support when they are exhausted, exasperated, and in the depths of motherhood. Postpartum depression is not only indicated in the weeks following the birth or when babies are in their infancy.
Postpartum depression can be there years into the motherhood journey and many women choose Homoeopathic Medicine instead of anti-depressant medications to help them return to ‘themselves’ and find the strength to carry on.
The Homoeopathic Medicines I often reach for in my practice for exhaustion include muriatic acid, medhorrhinum, and silica. To help bring emotional stability and help bring a connection between mother and baby I reach for sepia, phosphoric acid, lac maternal, pulsatilla, and lac humanum.
The lac remedies are particularly powerful in practice as they are prepared from lactation milk. This Simillimum is the epitome of Homoeopathic success and can bring change in hours.
Postpartum care brings so much fulfillment to me in my practice as it can completely change a mother’s energy levels and emotional availability for herself and her children. When brain chemistry is imbalanced, it’s such a healthy and non-reliant way to correct behavior, mood, and emotions without antidepressant medications.