Pink Eye

It’s shaping up to be a week of pink eye/conjunctivitis in my practice. This ailment is painful and often recurrent for those who suffer from it. The great news is that antibiotics are seldom needed if you have the remedies on hand and you are aggressively dosing to match the intensity of the symptoms.
Often it feels like pressure and stinging in the eye or even just eyestrain. This is when dosing is best started to reduce the inflammation before it becomes aggressive and the eye discharge starts. The discharge is often corrected in a few hours however if the dosage is every 20 minutes for 4 hours. This can often be the turn around time and the child/adult only needs isolation for 3 days.
The remedies I reach for most in my practice include –
Pulsatilla – useful if there is inflammation with yellow, white, and/or green discharge.
Belladonna – when the eye is red and painful and often throbs with pain.
Euphrasia – when there is watery discharge and low-level inflammation just at the beginning.
Silica – this remedy works to bring the infection to a head, release pressure, and build up in the eye.
Hepar Sulphur – a wonderful remedy when you think antibiotics are necessary but want to treat it without.
Do yourself a favor and get these remedies to have on hand. Antibiotics really impact gut health and it’s best to reach for alternatives if you have the option.