Permanent Wart and Skin Tag Removal

I treat so many warts and skin tags in my practice.

The Homoeopathic sycotic miasm is responsible for these. Some families have them and others don’t! 

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If you have an active sycotic miasm you are more likely to have these and your children are too. The anti miasmatic remedies I use to shut this active miasm down include sulphur, medhorrhinum and psorinum.

I also use Ant Crud, Thuja, Rhus Tox, Causticum and Nitric Acid. 

Sepia, Calc Carb and Nat Mur constitutions are often more likely struggle with this over the years so the constitutional remedy is often also indicated for a complete resolution.

For children it can be a source of embarrassment and shame especially at school. They are also contagious so it’s really important that if one of your children has warts that you treat and resolve them quickly so that it doesn’t spread to every member of the family! 

If you need help reach out, but know that it can be simple to get rid of and doesn’t have to be painful with freezing or burning them off. This is suppressive and results in them coming back. When the miasm is addressed it’s permanently eradicated.