These petty critters are LOVING the food you are feeding them! Often my patients, especially adults don’t even know that they have them. They don’t notice or have the typical presentation of the itchy bottom, unbalanced behavior, argumentative temper tantrums, and teeth grinding that children do. For adults, it’s the sugar cravings, low energy, energy slumps, and restless sleep that they have that bring them into my practice, but they don’t know they are linked to parasites.

Parasites use us as hosts and feed off the nutrition and especially sugar we consume in our diet. They are often more active and create more symptoms around the full moon like other microbial diseases such as Lyme, Nits, and Protozoa.

Unfortunately, conventional pharmaceutical treatment has limited effect and often needs repetition, it also wipes out the microbiome so recolonization of the bowel is recommended after taking these treatments.

A combination of diet alteration and Homoeopathic protocols are more successful at both prevention and treatment as they treat the ENTIRE lifecycle of the organism. This same approach has seen many of my Lyme patients in remission and it is how I treated myself for my Lyme disease.

It’s definitely worth exploring your bowel habits — notice your bloating, any cramping, constipation, or the feeling that a bowel movement is ‘incomplete.’ These are often the first signs and symptoms to present with intestinal or systemic parasites.

I have a ‘push’ and ‘pull’ protocol that I have used in my clinic for almost 20 years. It disrupts and agitates the parasites while at the same time stimulating the bowel to release. In chronic and severe cases the parasitic larvae and eggs can be seen in the toilet bowl! IT WORKS!

Remember, the entire lifecycle of the organism needs to be addressed otherwise you are only treating the live parasites and will not eliminate the CAUSE.

Reduce sugar — even fruit sugar and starches and carbohydrates and unfortunately with treatment comes ‘die-off’ which can bring about headaches, nausea, fatigue, and unbalanced emotions. It’s yucky, isn’t it! But better out than in!

I ‘worm’ our family once a quarter routinely and whenever there are symptoms of bloating, flatulence, poor sleep, restless sleep and anxiety…these critters DON’T BELONG!

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