It can make you feel like a victim and even sound like a victim when you share it with others. But that’s not really what it is.

Overwhelm can be paralyzing, it can feel relentless and never-ending. Many times overwhelm is only processed through venting or dialogue. Many times we are not looking for a solution but instead just trying to get the pieces lined up in our head and make sense of it all. Problem-solving isn’t something that is immediate for overwhelm, it’s after the fact. More than anything it’s about getting out of being so stuck, so suffocated and trying to find yourself. This is what I do in my clinic for my patients.

I have been feeling overwhelmed lately and taking many doses of Homoeopathic Medicine to keep me strong, grounded and clear. What triggers my overwhelm is looking at the world. When I look at the shutdowns, the pain, the losses. I can feel such deep powerlessness that I get overwhelmed. I have realized it’s not mine to fix but I can be part of the solution to help the families in my care cope with such extreme and disempowering circumstances. I have to shift out of my disbelief and move into solutions.

Overwhelm has been a theme in almost every consultation in my practice for the last 5 weeks! Here are pieces from my conversations, how to get out of overwhelm —

  • Start with your wants and your needs. Stay immediate, right now what do you need, what do you want? Step into taking care of those needs — have a shower, take a walk, make yourself a healthy snack. * Write things down — what IS working for you right now versus all of the powerless and hopelessness you feel. For example — your children are healthy, some of your bills are paid, your fridge has food in it, you have a warm place to sleep, you have friends at the end of the phone.
  • Create an emergency checklist — when you get overwhelmed have a list on hand of things to try to break the thought patterns and the cycle of negativity. Items to include on the list may include — watch your favorite movie, read a new book, listen to music, run a bath, speak to a friend, get into bed and read stories and cuddle your children, spend time with your pet, make a chocolate cake, clean the bathroom. All of us respond differently to overwhelm and need different solutions. When the overwhelm hits start at the top of the list and work down until you feel more centered and have better perspective.
  • Reach for Homeopathic Medicine — the remedies Gelsemium, Arg Nit, Aconite, Pulsatilla and Arsenicum Album are the most common remedies I prescribe in my clinic. Gelsemium is best for anticipatory anxiety and when there are feelings of dread and negativity. Arg Nit is best when you feel you don’t have enough time to complete everything that is being asked of you and you find yourself in a tail spin or grasping for solutions. Aconite is best when you feel acute fear or panic, a person who needs aconite often feels in shock and traumatized by events. Pulsatilla is best used when there are feelings of vulnerability and lots of tears. When you want comfort from cuddles, reassurance and distraction and want company and not to be left alone. Arsenicum Album is best when you feel paralyzed and overwhelmed to the point of physically feeling sick. There is a lot of negativity and perfectionism sought after when a person needs Arsenicum, they find it hard to calm themselves down and get any healthy or realistic perspective.
  • Keep your blood sugar stable and balanced — whenever you eat a carbohydrate also have protein. Stabilizing blood sugar helps regular brain chemistry which can help with the feelings of hopelessness and despair. * Reach out for help — book a free consultation with me at any time so I may help you with your overwhelm. You can book a free call on my calendar here — https://schedulewithnicolecunningham.as.me/discoverycall

Overwhelm is part of life and we all will and do experience it from time to time. I remember my favorite affirmation when I feel like this “Everything is always working out for me!”

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