Non Negotiables…

I have deemed a list of things non negotiables as I enter the next phase of my life…(getting close to 40!)

Here are my list of non negotiables — the choices I make for myself so that I live in balance and true to myself.

  1. If it doesn’t serve me, it doesn’t belong — I am discerning about how I sped my time and with whom — no more obligatory relationships!
  2. Organic food, fluoride free water and plant based diet.
  3. 2 hours of movement/exercise/detoxification every day
  4. Sleep is a priority — napping is sometimes the only way I can get what I need, but this is ok as it’s healthy for me.
  5. Quality time — time with my family is what is most important. I make this a priority every day.
  6. Busy is not productive — productive is what I value but not busy — catching myself in this delusion has been important to my progress.
  7. The well meaning opinions of others have no power in my mind or my life!
  8. I value myself and what I offer, I will not sell myself short in relationships or in my work life.
  9. Beauty comes from within — eliminating anger, frustration and fear every day and replacing it with love, compassion and kindness!
  10. If I am not prepared to make the change myself I cannot expect it from others. Be the change don’t just expect to talk about the change.
  11. Vulnerability is healthy but it’s important I am wise and mindful of who I can be vulnerable with so that I remain safe — this has been a HUGE lesson for me!
  12. Life is not about stuff it’s about experiences — spending money on memories and opportunities for myself and my family is always money well spent.
  13. Follow my truth, my values and my beliefs as this is what builds the foundation of my identity and integrity.
  14. If it doesn’t feel right — walk away. My intuition can be trusted and I must take action to keep myself safe and protected.
  15. The future is going to be wonderful because that is what is promised. I do not allow fear or overwhelm into my life.

Who knows, I may avoid a mid life crisis in a few years when I get to 40 from being so intentional now about how I choose to live. I am creating my healthiest, balanced self and I am excited for what is ahead…

What are you creating for yourself through intentional living?

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