My Top 6 Homeopathic Remedies for Accidents and Emergencies

Whether it’s your toddler learning to walk, accidents, injuries, or falls in adults Homoeopathic Medicine can really assist with the acute and emergency treatment of bumps and bruises.
I was once on an airplane coming home from India and a man collapsed in the aisle. The voice on the intercom was asking for a doctor or medic. 3 doses of Arnica 10M and Carbo Veg 30 and the man came back around and made it through the rest of the flight with no issues.
Carrying these remedies around can really be helpful! Another time a colleague of mine witnessed a car accident and Arnica was given to the people involved while the ambulance arrived.
It really is beneficial to have a first aid kit in your car and purse with the following remedies:
❌Arnica – for bruising, pain, swelling, and emotional trauma. The body and mind feels ‘bruised.’ Fantastic for the everyday playground injury and toddler hitting their head or tumbling down the stairs.
❌Hypericum – suitable for nerve pain and crushing injuries – wonderful to have on hand for workplace injuries and for farmhands.
❌Aconite – suitable for all types of physical and emotional shock – the first remedy to reach for in an accident and when there is ‘bad news.’
❌Gelsemium – anticipatory and acute high-level anxiety.
❌Bellis Perennis – useful for injuries to the trunk and deeper tissues in accidents, especially if a feeling of stiffness or coldness develops in the injured area.
❌Ledum – for bruises from blunt objects especially around the eyes, fingers, and toes – fantastic for jammed fingers in car doors!
These remedies in 30c potency are the beginning of a great emergency first aid kit to keep at every workplace, in caravans and cars. You never know when you may reach for them.