My 80/20 Rule…

I have an 80/20 rule for my life. I apply it mostly in my clinic to food, diet and lifestyle but the truth is this rule applies to every aspect of my life.

My priorities –

* Relationships

* Exercise

* Work

* Organic Food

* Stress Management

* Fun

* New things

* Sleep/Rest

* Finances

OK, so it goes like this…

Moderation and balance is everything! It is essential that I have an 80/20 split in all of these areas. It sounds weird doesn’t it, usually when we speak about balance we talk about 50/50.

After I was assaulted last January I had to rethink and rework every single area of my life. My health crumbled, my relationships were put under enormous stress, my mobility, my stress and finances, they all took a MASSIVE hit!

The 80/20 rule is how I have rebuilt my life in a sustainable way and I speak to this in all of my consultations in my practice as I have found that it works for others too!

80% of the time my energy and my intention is laser sharp, goal-focused and there is no room for movement. This means for my health, exercise and stress management that I only eat an organic plant-based diet, fluoride-free water, supplements, infrared sauna and daily 2-hour exercise 80% of my week. I do not allow stress into my life! This gives me 20% of my time that I can let go, allow myself to take a break and allow myself a little indulgence and wiggle room.

For my relationships, my finances, my fun and embracing new things I allow myself 80% of the time to be laser-focused and intentional and 20% of the time I can be spontaneous and unplanned and even flippant.

This is the balance that has worked for me in a SUSTAINABLE way. It’s very hard to be perfect, in fact there is no such thing and aspiring for such a thing sets me up to fail.

With my 20% buffer, I allow myself to relax, make mistakes, change my mind, try something new and love myself through the phases of rebuilding my life to the way I want it to be — better than before January 2019.

The 80% is where I get my momentum. This is where I hit my goals, my targets, where I measure my progress and where time, healing and transformation occur because I DO THE WORK, CONSISTENTLY.

My work — this is truly the greatest source of most of my joy. My children, my relationships — this is where I get my strength, my why and my purpose.

I am not there yet, but I am WELL on my way to a stronger, healthier and richer life than before it all came crumbling down. I am grateful for this experience and journey of having to heal from such a disruptive and life-changing event. It’s made me SUPER intentional. I am present, I am connected, I am on the course to greater happiness and fulfillment than I ever could have imagined…I am so grateful.

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