Miasmatic Homoeopathy

Miasmatic homeopathy is relevant for permanent change in the incidence of stuttering and ticks. An active tubercular miasm is often responsible for the recurrence and severity.

Recently, Ruby came into my care with stuttering and facial ticks. She had just turned 4 and the stuttering was now becoming more frequent and socially problematic for her. She was embarrassed and frustrated when she couldn’t articulate herself.

Her mother was unaware of any anxiety that was present that could have been the catalyst for this starting – this is where the power of miasmatic homeopathy really comes into play!

After taking her remedy for only 3 weeks the stuttering began to clear and is now only there on occasion when she is tired. Her sleep and her mood has also had a great response to the remedy.

How amazing is miasmatic Homeopathy!! Just 8 weeks in care and I have now signed off, Ruby doesn’t need medicines or to be in care.

The tubercular miasm is also responsible for sensory processing issues, dyslexia, proprioception, and focus and attention issues.

If you’ve tried OT, speech therapy, and only had limited results maybe it’s time to try something different.