Meltdowns and meaning…

Why is it that when we have a cathartic release or breakdown we add more meaning? The disproportionate responses are overflowing and we feel like we are losing our way.

This is bigger than overwhelm, this often feels like anxiety and the tears and the hysteria that comes with the meltdown make us feel wobbly, unsafe and in many times weak.

Weakness isn’t always accurate neither are the stories we tell ourselves in these moments. We tend to exaggerate and add meaning to this situation. Words such as “this always happens”, “it’s always been like this’ and ‘it’s never going to get better’ come out of our mouths.

We generalize in the exaggeration and often try to piece together the meaning of the meltdown. I have never found this to be helpful or to have a healthy outcome.

What I believe is underneath this is both miasmatic imbalances which can be corrected by homeopathic medicine and discord.

Discord is an internal conflict. Fear, anxiety, overwhelm and frustration are symptoms of not living in alignment and knowing that there is something out of place. I lived with this for the first few years when I moved to the USA. No matter what I yearned for, sought out and achieved I felt internal conflict.

Internal conflict creates symptoms, unhappiness, poor sleep, lethargy and in most cases in my clinic disease. So what then is the solution?

We are so busy DOING instead of BEING. We don’t create time and space in our lives to check in with ourselves and so the only way the mind and the heart can get our attention is through symptoms. This I see over and over again in my clinic with cases of anxiety.

Instead, I promote mindfulness, meditation and exercise — time alone every day for my patients to check-in and listen.

The reality is — you know yourself better than anyone else, more than a spouse, a friend, a therapist, a confidant or any health care provider. We simply just don’t make the time daily to check-in.

This is what it took for me to make the necessary life decisions to move forward and create changes in my internal and external life. The result was the discord and internal conflict disappeared.

We all hold this power to create this change and so I challenge myself and my patients daily to make the commitment. You don’t wake up one day with crippling anxiety, it has been there, brewing for a while before you become affected with panic attacks, poor sleep and whirling thoughts in your head.

You can fix you, you can make the changes and take the action when you listen and stop. Ask yourself — where in my life am I misaligned and where is my internal conflict? Do I know I should be making changes or placing boundaries in areas of my life that I am ignoring?

Anxiety is a barometer of your internal world and the level of internal conflict that you live in. Start here before you reach for any medications, medicines or drastic life decisions.

Commit to one hour a day to LISTEN, to ASK and to CONTEMPLATE — why are my meltdowns here and why do I try to add meaning as my way out? This is a vicious loop of despair, feeling broken and feeing damaged, I know, I have lived here before…

The answer is actually simple — step out of internal conflict, identify what is causing it and make the changes. Therapists and Homeopathic Medicine can help you work through this and come to a place of clarity and understand the cause.

You’ve got this and you don’t have to live like this — just slow down, quiet down and start carving out the time to change instead of having to make the time for the meltdowns…

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