Mastitis and Nipple Thrush –

I really enjoy helping women with this as it’s agonizingly painful for the mother and Homeopathic treatment can bring results so fast they do entirely without pharmaceuticals!
Introducing pharmaceuticals for this such as anti fungals, steroids and anti biotics hurt the mother and child ongoing with gut imbalance and greater complications.
📌I dose hard and fast with 6c or 30c every 7 minutes for the first hour or two and then pull back to every 20 minutes until it is all resolved. Management of symptoms is essential so ensure you are in contact with your Homeopathic Clinician so he/she can dose your child and yourself fast so you won’t need pharmaceutical intervention.
❌Belladonna – this is the first medicine I reach for when the breast is very red, hot, deeply painful and swollen. It can even be shiny from swelling. The mother often has a fever as well.
❌Bryonia – when there are joint pains, chills, fever and weakness as well as deep engorged pain in the breast. The mother feels better with hot applications, bed rest and hot long showers.
❌Phytolacca – useful when there is white spot and the entire lymphatic system is effected. This system is angry and the pain is extreme.
❌Hepar Sulph – when you are pumping and dumping as you know that the milk is contaminated and you need to clear the infection. This medicine works a treat and it’s fast so you get back to breastfeeding your child.
❌Pulsatilla – when the infection has set in and the discharge is white, creamy, yellow and/or green. The mother feels worse with any heat and when laying down. She is tearful, moody and feels better from affection.
❌Borax – I use this to treat the infant at the same time as using the medicines above. This treats any and all oral thrust in new born babies and children. The mouth feels hit and dry, has a white coating and excessive saliva. The baby is often crying in pain when on and off the breast.