Looking After your Breasts

Many women come to me worried about their breasts. Many have noticed from their self-examination that they have ‘lump’ breasts and are worried about their risk of breast cancer.
The great news is what you EAT and DO matters! Miasmatic Homoeopathic Medicine works on your level of predisposition to illness. If you know you are at high risk for specific cancers you can take Homeopathic Medicines to shut that miasm down and reduce your predisposition.
Ever heard of EPIGENETICS? This is exactly what I am talking about! I know this all too well having treated and cured my mother and myself of breast cancer.
You DO NOT have to be a statistic and there is a lot you CAN do.
Ready to be proactive and start on prevention here is what I suggest –
❌Miasmatic Homoeopathy!
❌Alkaline Diet! Cancer can not live in an acidic environment it is physically impossible. It takes many months however so stop cheating with your wellness and your diet and lifestyle. Every day counts!
❌Alcohol – limit yourself to two glasses once a week. I’m serious, alcohol is highly acidic, and even mild drinking may significantly increase your risk of breast cancer.
❌Fast food – eating fast food regularly doesn’t just increase your risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. It is a major contributor to ‘lumpy breasts’ and breast cancer as it causes and accumulates to high levels of systemic tissue inflammation.
❌Processed meats – bacon, sausage, ham, and turkey are high in nitrates and trans-fatty acids. Try to source these nitrate free if you enjoy them but limit them to once or twice a month. Yes, it sucks but there are 15 studies linking diets in high processed meat intake to a 9% increase in breast cancer risk!
❌Sugar – sugar leads to inflammation and activates specific enzymes that lead to cancer growth and overgrowth of tissue. Basically, sugar = cancer so work on having a diet low in sugar and this includes refined carbs. Instead of eating bread and sugary baked goods replace it with organic soaked whole grains and a variety of nutrient-dense vegetables.
❌THERMOGRAPHY – this is the safest way to check on and maintain healthy breast health, NOT mammography. If you are new to this information I encourage you to read for yourself and do some research. Here is a great start – https://draxe.com/health/thermography/