Life Medicine!

My patients hear me say this all the time. Homeopathic Medicine is for when life gets hard. Whether it’s illness, change, death, divorce, moving, exam stress, depression, when things are out of our control.
Homeopathic Medicine offers support and assists movement and resolution when things get tough. My practice has exploded this last year with people needing assistance in times of change.
If you are struggling reach out and reach for Homeopathic Medicine to support you emotionally and physically.
Here are the remedies to consider –
🌀Lycopodium – the people that need this medicine really struggle to adapt to change. New things, new ideas and new people are overwhelming for them.
🌀Silica – the people who need this are rigid in their ideas and beliefs and so anything new or contrary to their lives can be really stressful and overwhelming.
🌀Phosphorus – the people who do well on this remedy are really sensitive to change of temperature, space, people and even energy and EMF’s. These people suffer with anxiety, vivid dreams and really do better with familiarity.
🌀Arsenicum Album – these people need structure and routine to feel confident, in control and safe in the world. Any adjustment to routine or structure can be really difficult for these people.
If you are struggling with change or something in your life and need help transitioning through it consider Homeopathic Medicine.
For dosage seek out the guidance of an experienced clinician.