Leg Ulcers

Sadly I treat a lot of these in my practice. They most commonly affect the elderly but are also present in those of my patients with diabetes, poor circulation, COPD, hypertension, on many medications, and as post-surgical conditions and complications.

The great news is that Homoeopathic Medicine is fast-acting in the treatment and management of pain and healing. It is very common for them to be infected and to get larger. If patients have multiple at a time it can be a real messy situation and greatly affect their independence and mobility.

If you know someone who is suffering please get in touch with me, they do not need to be an ongoing problem that causes great suffering.

The Homoeopathic Remedies I most commonly reach for include Bacillinum, Silica, Arnica, Carbo Veg, Calc Carb, and Lycopodium.

In my practice, I use a Homoeopathic organic comfrey ointment. (my patients know it affectionally as the ‘green’ ointment’) I use this to dress and wrap the ulcers and they heal really fast. I teach my patients how to do this themselves or help carers and family members feel confident in dressing the would. No need to use antibiotic creams and have painful dressings several times a day.