Knowing Yourself…

Do you ever find yourself negative and moping around? I speak to a lot of women every week who feel like they are treading water. I believe this is a SYMPTOM of what can be many things – boredom, monotony, anguish, grief, indifference, depression, and in some cases even apathy. It can just as equally just be a bad day or a sluggish morning.
Knowing the difference is crucial, as just as you have heard me say before about bowel cancer – you don’t just wake up these one day it’s the same with depression, anxiety, and grief.
Unfortunately, many of us as women are so used to feeling like this that we don’t know the difference. We are busy tending to life, to children, to relationships, to jobs that we just feel like this is either normal or a life sentence.
Knowing what is happening for you emotionally comes from truly knowing yourself. To truly know yourself means having an intuition and a connection to your inner world by taking time to check-in.
Check-in every few hours – how is the barometer emotionally? What are your feeling? What are you doing to shift that feeling? Can it be shifted at all?
Try these things when you check-in –
Movement – exercise, yoga, and stretching
Music – does this affect your mood at all?
Reading – can your emotional state be influenced by what you read and are immersed in?
Speaking to a friend or connecting with others – does this make you feel better or worse?
There are specific Homoeopathic Medicine that are influenced negatively and positively by my list above. Knowing these things about yourself REALLY helps you to choose for yourself what you need and what you want. It also really helps to know these things when choosing the correct homeopathic medicine for yourself. Your practitioner will ask you these questions also so it’s great to be prepared.
Here are some examples –
Pulsatilla Nigricans is better for company but aggravated by music.
Lycopodium is better for friends and family being close but not engaged with them and not touching them.
Sepia is better for music and better being alone, they are worse emotionally when they have company.
Homoeopathic Medicine is emotional and physical medicine, it’s also LIFE medicine. It can help you manage yourself and your life better. This is what we all deserve and the people who love us deserve us to be the best we can be too…