Kids are hurting from these ‘sugar’ holidays!

Can I tell you how much I struggle with ‘sugar’ holidays!
Here in USA any excuse is needed to promote artificial flavorings, colorings, dairy, sugar, aspartame, wheat, gluten and other microdoses of glyphosate laden poisons into our children. Yes, it’s not just USA I know, it’s all over the world.
Here is what happens:
❌ You children get moody as their pancreas and liver have to cope with all the additional junk that they are consuming and so they get tired and have dark circles under their eyes.
❌Your children have night terrors, bad dreams and night sweats from the colorings, flavorings and extra sugar.
❌Your children’s skin starts to get lumpy and dry, especially the face, the top of the legs and the sides of the upper arms from the dairy and gluten. The fillers in the candies are made with these glyphosate laden poisons and their body is trying to get rid of it. Eczema, especially behind the knees, in the creases of the arms, around the mouth and in the other ‘hot spots.’
❌Your children start to have meltdowns, tantrums, they get aggressive and angry and cannot emotionally regulate.
❌Your children’s gut gets overwhelmed in sugar which feeds parasites, candida and other latent microbiome imbalances. They have wind, gut pain, are bloated and have constipation.
❌Your children wet the bed and not be able to hold their wees and poos in the day or the night because the aspartame is attacking the line of the mucosa in the bladder and bowel – it is a carcinogen.
Aspartame is the number one cause of urinary and fecal incontinence!
❌Your children will get sick! Their immune system crashes so they may get a head cold, a sinus infection, ear infections, coughs and breathing problems.
Here is what you can do –
🌸Be gentle with them, it’s not their fault they are kids, give them hugs, put them to bed early, be more patient with your parenting and lower your expectations as they detox. (It can take as long as 3 weeks.)
🌸Fill their belly with good wholesome foods – bone broth, clean and organic, non GMO sources of meat, rice, oats and vegetables.
🌸Be gentle with them as their sugars crash and they feel bad about themselves. There are depressive, sad, melancholy moods that come as their bodies start to normalize again.
🌸Don’t drag them to a doctor or therapist! They are not broken! They have been poisoned systemically and need you love and kindness, not a diagnosis!
🌸Learn from this, regulate their sugar and access to this junk food next time. Swap ‘junk candy’ for organic and healthier alternatives, they are available or if they want to participate buy them new pjs a new toy or books to read and give their friends again.
Please parents, it’s not your children’s fault, they are not being difficult on purpose and the fall out from the systemic overload from this crap is REAL!
For acute relief with any of these ailments please reach out to me –
✅The sugar and aspartame greatly affects the tubercular miasm so Tub 1M is often what I reach for to bring stability.
✅Similarly for the gut health and sugar instability Pulsatilla, Phosphorus, Lycopodium and Morgan Pure are BRILLIANT medicines to help your children.
✅For immune system crashes and copies discharges I use Baccillinum, Pulsatilla, Nat Mur and Ant Tart the most.
**Please share this information with other parents, we need to stop celebrating poisoning our kids!**