Is ORGANIC worth it?

You have heard me go on and on about organic foods and CLEAN raw produce for many years. Is it as essential as I say it is — YES IT IS!

Why? Glyphosate is a herbicide — a chemical compound used to kill certain plants. It kills plants and is therefore used in farming to get rid of the growth of invasive weeds. This chemical is POISON and is in our food and is being used to kill us!

Glyphosate is responsible for birth defects, miscarriages, cancer, autism, learning and behavioral disorders, neurological and DNA damage as well as damage ongoing to the liver and kidneys. (Research in the link below)

This is the PRIMARY reason why people in my clinic suffer from endocrine and hormonal disorders, sleep issues, autoimmune and chronic inflammation. In my practice, I see miraculous results with women being able to conceive just by changing to a completely organic diet.

The argument of course is that it is expensive and it’s difficult to get access to. Here are my counter-arguments –

* Money spent on health and longevity is NEVER money wasted

* If you can’t afford to switch over all organic foods and products start with the ones you have most of — for example fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and grains.

* Money spent on preventative health care is MORE affordable than solution care! Take a look at your medical bills and expenses and ask yourself if you are putting water in a bucket with a hole in the bottom of it! You most likely are.

I work with my patients in the SHORTEST amount of time possible as I want them to redistribute the money they spend on me and homeopathic medicines to ORGANIC FOOD. This is the most powerful prevention we have. We MUST stop reintroducing poison into our bodies!

Don’t take my word for it, do a trial! I encourage the families in my care to do a 4 week trial for organic foods. Not only do they eat LESS because they are full and nutritionally fulfilled they also often spend the same or less on food.

Redistributing money spent on groceries and eating out to organic food 100% for a month will show you that your body DOES feel different!

The feedback I hear from these 1-month trials from families include:

* My aches and pains are gone!

* I had no idea that I could go through the night without getting up for the bathroom. (Glyphosate like aspartame attacks the bladder!)

* I wake refreshed and feel as if I have slept!

* My anxiety and overwhelm have improved.

* I feel more motivated…

Glyphosate is being used to poison us — through our food and our water and is the MAJOR cause and contributing factor to a chronic and terminal disease.

Not convinced, no problem — we all get to choose what is right for our bodies and I am not here to preach. All I ask is that you do your research and start asking questions about Monsanto and Fluoride and do research on what the chemical glyphosate does to plants and therefore to our bodies!

Oh, and do WHAT YOU CAN with what you can. I know it’s expensive! I have healed myself from chronic inflammation, trauma, and brain injury. Organic food is now essential to my health, my stamina, and living the long and healthy life I deserve. I prioritize and I do without many many things BY CHOICE! I would MUCH rather have organic food but this is what is right for me. I am not here to convert, just to educate and empower with TRUTH and knowledge, they ARE poisoning us so that they keep us sick, suppressed and in the system of illness that makes them money!


Research —

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