Insomnia Relief

Did you know that 40% of people ages 40 – 59 report to their doctors that they are getting less than 7 hours of sleep?

This is the magic number for adults. Unfortunately of those 7 hours only 20% of this time is in restorative and healing REM sleep while the remaining 80% are non-REM sleep stages.

Our body needs more healing sleep than the non-REM cycles and if we don’t get them our body feels it. One of the ways our body tells us this every day is if we wake unrefreshed.
Here are some things to try –

  1. Have 20 minutes of horizontal in the afternoon. Whether it’s a power nap or a guided meditation and breathwork it does a lot for the regulation of the nervous system so that you will find it easier to go to sleep.
    Turn off screens 1 hour before bed and ensure there is little to no light in your bedroom. These greatly disturb REM cycles and keep the nervous system in a stimulated state which really can inhibit REM cycles.
  2. Have a caffeine curfew. Mine is 2pm, I don’t have any caffeine whether it be espresso or dark chocolate. I cut myself off at 2pm so that it doesn’t interfere with my adrenals and being ‘wired’ when my body needs to sleep.
  3. Here are the acute remedies I reach for in my clinic –
    * Coffee – for long-term and chronic insomnias this brings great relief and enables them to establish healthy sleep and behavioral cycles.
    * Nux Vomica – ideal for those who have indulged in rich food and drink and have insomnia as a result of digestive upsets and symptoms.
    * Gelsemium – if sleeplessness is from worry or anxiety.
    * Arsenicum Album – if insomnia is due to not being able to turn the mind off and the body being unable to relax.
    * Tuberculinum – for chronic insomnia – because this miasm is active. (This needs to be managed by an experienced practitioner but this can result in a permanent resolution, not just acute relief.).                             It’s important that we eat right and exercise, it’s also important that we sleep well…