Insect Bites

One of the most common ailments I seen with the children in my practice is hypersensitivity to insect bites. It’s very common for children to come up with big, large, red, and swollen welts after bites from sandflies, mosquitos, and ants.

Here are the Homeopathic Medicines to reach for –

❌Apis – this remedy is when the skin is swollen, burning itching, and feels better from cold applications.

❌Ledum – this helps specifically with mosquito bites and when taken at dusk and dawn – it can even be taken as a preventative.

❌Urtica Urens – when the skin is red, burning and there is pain with an appearance like hives.

❌Arsenicum – when there is intense heat and burning pains and the person is anxious and agitated.

❌Aconite – when the person has burning pains and there is a sudden and extreme onset of symptoms or a large part of the body that is affected. This is also beneficial if the person is very upset and fearful about being bitten or stung.

These remedies are best administered in 6c or 30c potency in dry dose every 7 minutes until significant relief is obtained.

For prevention, I give Apis and Ledum 30c once an hour.