Influenza – when to worry…

Flu – aches and pains, chills, fever, sore throat and ears, cough, runny nose, and headache. It’s the PITS!
Homoeopathic Medicine is used in clinics, homes, and Homeopathic Hospitals all around the world to bring relief without suppression NATURALLY!
Homoeopathic Medicine has a history of being used in pandemics of flu for over 200 years. Dewey recorded statistics of Homoeopathic Medicine bringing miraculous results in pandemic influenza as early as 1918. This is a great read and has mention of the pandemic in 1881 also –…/Dewey_Homeopathy_in…
What remedies do you reach for and how do you know the disease is on track and progressing in the right direction?
1. Flu will wipe out the person for a few days – this is normal and realistic in terms of recovery time as the body is fighting hard against the invader!
2. Fevers and chills will go up and down over a few days and it’s part of the natural progression of the illness. Fever is used to increase the thermostat of the body to kill the invaders. Think of it the same as when you recook leftovers so that you don’t poison your family because of food bacterias.
3. Aches and pains and restless sleep are part of it! Suck it up and rise it out. Use heat packs, lay horizontal and hot showers to manage the discomfort.
4. When to worry – after 6 days if there is no change then it’s time to worry or if the cough starts to get thick and hit the chest. The sick, elderly, weak, and those with preexisting conditions – get help early from a professional to make sure it’s managed correctly from the start.
Homoeopathic Medicines to reach for – Oscillococcinum, Gelsemium, Anas barb, Bryonia, Belladonna, and Ferrum Phos are the remedies I most commonly reach for.
If I doubt reach out!