In the eye of the storm…

I read a quote this week about being the storm instead of being in the eye of the storm. I have been contemplating this as I watch things move and change around me.

When I think of storms I think of destruction, I think of change, I think of aggressive weather patterns and I guess the quote was about being this assertive instead of being at the mercy of such violent phenomena.

I wonder though if there has to be violence or destruction at all. It seems that the energy on the planet at the moment is not only uncertain and unpredictable but also very volatile. I wonder is this the collective consciousness trying to cope, us trying to survive, the energy the comes as a result of so much uncertainty.

I’m wondering if gentle, simple, and easy are the future. It is sure the future I am trying to live in. It seems so much harder to just trust the process at the moment but I really think this is all we have. We get to choose our thoughts, we get to choose the power we give things and amongst all of this, I think there is a place for us to be powerful.

Power can still be gentle and it can be kind. It doesn’t have to be destructive, competitive and boundaries are definitely part of it.

I was speaking to a friend this week about this global reset and I wonder if it was actually necessary on some level? Maybe, like the quote, I read it’s about turbulence and the energy of change.

Maybe we do get to choose whether we are the storm or whether we are affected by the storm. Maybe that is exactly where we are globally at right now. Maybe we need to step up to the place and be powerful?

What you are allowing WILL continue and this has a lot to do with mindset and health that results from this mindset.

I am working on and encouraging my patients this week to really see where the power lies in their lives –

1. What can I reclaim?

2. What can I refocus?

3. What can I say no or yet to?

4. What can I do without?

Sometimes it does feel like we are in the eye of the storm and that we are being hit from all directions. This week I am choosing to BE the storm — I will be the CHANGE in my life — the circumstances, the decisions and the discernment.

Starting first with this one! I only have ONE body to live in and so I MUST care for it with great intentionality and kindness.

For this week I have chosen this affirmation to work with –

“ I am as powerful as my food choices! “

I encourage you to join me…

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