If I’m awake, then I’m going to get up…

If I am awake today and am breathing, I am going to be grateful.

If I am awake today I am going to take action.

If I am awake today I am going to learn.

If I am awake today I am going to get up. By getting up I mean I am going to start doing, stop the talking and implement the program and plan I have for my life.

Most mornings I wake at 3am as my first patient is at 4am, I work for 4 hours and then I do my 2-hour hike. After this, I come home and have my smoothie, answer my emails, set the girls their tasks and then step into consultations again…

Every day I get up and start doing instead of wishing and hoping the closer I am to that place. That place is containment, fulfillment, inspiration and connectedness.

If I stop I stagnate if I don’t do my hike or I don’t get up then my life starts to feel stagnant. Anguish pools in my consciousness, the peacefulness and contentment that I feel disperses and is replaced by restlessness and injustice.

I learned about myself many years ago that I become a beast if I am not feeling productive. If I don’t exercise, take action and work towards something, if I do not spend hours in service of others every day.

Like you have heard me say many times before — prevention is always better than cure… my prevention is taking action. If I’m awake then I’m going to get up. I’m going to get up and into my day and create the places of happiness and fulfillment I enjoy.

Are you awake? Are you getting up? Are you taking action?

Many of my patients are awake but they are not getting up and taking action. Homoeopathic Medicine helps them start this and achieve this…

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