I had an epiphany!

On my walk this week I had a breakthrough! I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about it before and I hadn’t realized it, often light bulb moments are like this for me.

I live my world in similars, I search for the Simillimum, the Homoeopathic Medicine that best matches the symptom and miasmatic totality presenting in my patients. Like cures like.

Selecting the Homoeopathic Medicine that is most like what is being experienced by each patient. The Homoeopathic Medicine must hold the energy of the total vibration of balance, imbalance, stress, emotions and pathology of the patient. When administered the vibrational match is aligned, the vital force is activated and the patient begins to heal and return to equilibrium.

My epiphany — the law of attraction is the same! I have to align my energy to that which I am trying to manifest and invite into my life. This is also the law of similars! The vibrational alignment! BOOM! It hit me!

I must first align to what I want and get my energy to vibrate at this level in order for me to ATTRACT, ALLOW and RECEIVE the manifestation of this in my life. No wonder the law of attraction feels so real and has had such an impact in my life and consciousness.

What a miraculous revelation about the alignment I see and feel in my life. The law of similars and vibrational matches are so alive and at work in my life.

I’m loving it!

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