Hormonal Changes –

Do you know that your hormonal system is under a constant series of changes throughout your entire life?
Starting from pre-puberty which can now be as young as 8 or 9 years old, until menopause is completed at around 60 years of age, your hormones are changing.
Hormonal change can be easy for some girls and women moving from one stage to another but for others it can mean a life time of feeling like you are on an emotional roller coaster, a lifetime of struggling with weight gain and physical discomfort.
Mood swings
Outbursts of anger and tears Tender breasts
Abdominal bloating
Weight fluctuation/Difficulty losing weight Hair loss
Low sex drive
Food cravings
Irregular periods
Painful and heavy periods
Hot flushes
Abnormally dark and excessive hair growth
Constitutional and miasmatic prescribing is the permanent solution but acute relief can be given with these medicines also –
📌Pulsatilla – when there is great weepiness and emotions feel just under the surface and are hard to regulate and control. Young girls and women that need this medicine are sensitive to change and to new environments.  They seek assurance from those they love most and are mild, timid and prone to being clingy and codependent. This medicine helps quickly, brings more self confidence and sense of security while undergoing hormonal changes.
📌Sepia – these young women and girls are super sensitive to criticism and need to feel productive and ‘on task’ for them to feel safe in the world. They suffer greatly with painful and irregular periods and often have fertility challenges later in life. These women are driven and strong and must learn to be gentle with themselves and explore safe care so that they remain in balance. This medicine is helpful to get a regular and healthy cycle without discomforts and adrenal and nervous system support.
📌Nat Mur – these young women and girls feel gloomy, sad, melancholy and often suffer from or have periods of dark thoughts, feeling alone and brooding anger. These women can be judgmental and easily agitated. They like things done their way and they are quick to frustration. They have high standards for themselves and others which when met they feel satisfied, if not they feel descendant. This medicine is great for those with thyroid imbalances, weight gain, depression and low energy levels.
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