Herpes Simplex – Cold Sores

Many of the men and women I treat have herpes, both genital and herpes simplex – cold sores.
The great news is Homeopathic Medicine has permanent resolution and can reduce outbreaks and symptoms. The second miasm is responsible for this so if you have this activity in your biochemistry you are more likely to suffer from recurrent outbreaks.
Patients who have anti miasmatic medicines along with their constitutional medicines go from frequent attacks to having the only once every 7-10 years – it really is remarkable what Homoeopathic Medicine can do!
Similarly having the remedies on hand can reduce a full-scale outbreak of lesions, pain, and of course embarrassment.
Many years of antiviral medicines are the only option offered by western medicine. Homeopathic Medicine offers fast resolution while at the same time of course continuing to practice safe sex and limit exposure.
The medicines I reach for the most in my practice include –
Sulphur, Thuja, and Medhorrhinum for permanent resolution and miasmatic care – this helps boost the overall immune response which significantly helps the systemic health and vitality of the patient.
For acute relief –
❌Arsenicum – when the lesions feel very painful and burn, they feel better with warm applications and the person is often restless and even anxious.
❌Hepar Sulph – for very painful and sensitive mouth sores on the lips and inside the mouth. The pain is worse from cold drinks and cold air.
❌Rhus Tox – when the vesicles are painful, swollen, and itchy.
❌Mer Sol – painful lesions when the patient has a thick-coated tongue, bleeding gums and there is thick saliva. The lesions burn and are often worse in the evening and overnight.
❌Nat Mur – when the lesions break out after exposure to the sun and the sides of the mouth are also cracked. Works really well if the outbreak is caused by emotional distress and stressful circumstances.
Do yourself a favor and get these remedies in your home apothecary – they will greatly improve your life by being able to manage and treat cold sores when they appear.
Homeopathic Medicine is body, mind, and LIFE medicine. It GREATLY improves your LIFE.
When you know better you can DO better!