It’s not pleasant to talk about…
At least once a week I prescribe a remedy for Hemorrhoids. It’s not pleasant to talk about but those that know this pain also know the relief from the correctly prescribed remedy!
Most importantly a diet high in plant foods and fibre are essential. Additionally for those with family history or recurrent issues dropping meat and animal protein from the diet can make an incredible difference.
I like to give my patients the medicine in 6c every 20 minutes for the first 4 hours and then 4x daily until it’s completely resolved.
❌Aesculus Hipp – this is the most impactful and immediate remedy for when they are sore and aching and there is swelling. The sensation it relieves is a that it feels like a lump in the rectum and sharp shooting pains.
❌Graphites – when there is very large stools that are dry and no urging that cause burning and itching hemorrhoids.
❌Nux Vomica – when the hemorrhoids are in unhealthy people who have a sedentary lifestyle, indulge in excess sugar, wheat, gluten, fried foods, alcohol and coffee.
❌Arnica – when they are sore and have a bruised feeling and when there is a lot of straining.
❌Hamamelis – when the circulation is poor and the pain is very immediate and the hemorrhoids bleed easily.