Headache Remedies

So many people suffer every day with headaches, to the point that they believe that it’s normal. It is NOT! Unfortunately, many of my patients before getting relief from Homeopathic Medicines also swallow a lot of painkillers which have a deep impact on the liver, and detoxification is then needed.
When you first get a headache –
1. Reach for hydration
2. Ground – go outside, take your shoes off, and connect to the earth. Breathe some deep breaths and stay there for as long s you are able. It REALLY helps!
3. Find alignment – I’m a BIG believer in chiropractic care for prevention and treatment. It is the most complimentary of therapies for Homeopathic care in my opinion. Seek out someone experienced, passionate, and aligned to your health values and goals.
4. Homeopathic Medicines – they work FAST for acute relief and they are necessary to correct the deep undercurrent imbalance which is the CAUSE.
Headaches Remedies –
* Bryonia – when all you want to do is lay on the couch or bed and moving around makes it worse.
* Belladonna – when the throbbing won’t stop and you feel hot and flustered and may even feel like a fever is present.
Glonoine – one of the best remedies if dehydration is the cause.
* Nux Vomica – if you have drunk too much coffee, alcohol, consumed too much sugar or junk food.
There are many more, did you know I prescribe over 18 remedies in my practice for headaches!
Remember, prevention is ALWAYS better than cure. Headaches can be hormonal, related to your gut health or your mental health.
You don’t have to suffer and the work you do not your body will thank you for later!