Head lice!!

Isn’t this just the worst! Weeks of washing and combing and checking. It really is a lot of work and causes anxiety for all. Along with the proper hygiene and washing I use this protocol. It works so well and it really does stop the in home transmission and reduce the time that your family is affected.

✅ Use this protocol as soon as you suspect or see headlice. Give to remedies to the whole family to prevent it spreading and continue for 4 weeks or when you are absolutely sure that the infestation has been resolved.

🌀Cabolic Acid 30 – I give this 3x daily when you feel like you have lice on your head.

🌀Psorinum 200 – I give this 4x weekly when there is active headline, when there is a bad odor coming from the scalp and when the hair starts to look dull and loses it’s shine.

❌If the head lice has started to infest your armpits, genitalia or the skin on the rest of your body I use Staphysagria, Lycopodium or Thuja.

Do yourself a favor and have these medicines on hand ready to go. Dry dosing for all medicines.

Please share this information with your family and friends it really can make a difference in the spread of headline in schools and the larger community.