I am treating a lot of hayfever in my practice at the moment with Allium Cepa, the Homoeopathic medicine prepared from the red onion.
It is ideal for hayfever, sinus, and colds with profuse discharge from the nose with frequent sneezing. The symptoms mimic those which cane seen when peeling an onion.
This remedy is also useful when there is an allergic reaction to food or the environment. The symptoms often appear after exposure to damp, wet conditions and especially after getting the feet wet like in the rain or in muddy puddles.
The person who needs Allium Cepa looks sick in the face, the eyes are often red and the face in general looks puffy and bloated. Often the person has a red nose from using many tissues.
The person may also be experiencing burning pains and a constant runny nose, endless sneezing, and the discharge is water, acrid and burns the skin. The throat can be scratchy and they can have a tickling cough and a congested headache.
Other remedies to consider for hayfever include Euphrasia, Hepar Sulphur, Arsenicum Album, and Mercurius.