Grumpy and Irritable Kids –

Mood swings for all of us can be challenging. When it comes to the kids in my practice and my home these are the things I reach for:
✅ Blood sugar regulation – this is such a big piece with managing meltdowns and irritability.
✅ B complex and Magnesium is also really important though the child’s diet or supplements if there is high stress or life
🌀Nux Vomica – anger, impulsive and meltdowns can be violent, vicious and disproportionate.
🌀Lycopodium – more impulsive outbursts and tantrums often linked to insecurity or apprehension.
🌀Cina – irritability and mood swings caused from intestinal worms and bowel diseases.
🌀Chamomilla – nothing is good enough, what is asked for is just as quickly refused. Often indicated if the child is teething or has teeth trouble/pain.
🌀Colocynthis – anger that causes physical somatic reactions in the bowel causing spasms and stomach pain.
🌀Ignatia – anger from grief and unexpressed emotions when feelings cannot be articulated.
For dosage seek out the guidance of an experienced clinician.
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