Grief with Diagnosis

I work with families that are in turmoil after receiving a diagnosis for their children. Whether the diagnosis is of illness or autism or various other ailments.

What I witness is a process of grief. A process of loss as the family has to let go of the dreams that they once held for their child and begin to reframe new dreams and possibilities for their child.

The process of letting go and acceptance is heartbreaking. The stigma and the judgment of others makes it so much harder again.

There is hope though, there are new possibilities and underneath it is a child who you love. A child who needs you to believe in him/her, a child that needs you to break out of your limitations and beliefs/thoughts about the diagnosis and embrace a new world of possibilities and growth.

What I know for sure from working with these families for the last 18 years is that the more that the families detach from the limitations of the diagnosis the greater possibility their child has to THRIVE.

It is a process of grief and acceptance but after this, if we abandon the limitations of the diagnosis, the miracles, the healing, and the infinite possibilities begin to show themselves.

I challenge each of us to break free of the limitations placed on these amazing children and LOVE them, LOVE them so much more for their limitations, and support them through their challenges to see what they are really here to teach and show us all.