Grief and Asthma

I feel like there is global grief, a collective consciousness around loss, being taken from and having to bury old ways, thoughts and ideas.

I find myself having to let go of old attachments to what was and somehow get my head around a new normal. I was on a webinar with a group of doctors last week, they were sharing that they think this COVID global paralysis will continue for another 2–3 years. I am trying to get my head around it!

How can the world possibly be put on pause for that long?

I am seeing more asthma cases in my clinic than ever before, the energy in the lungs is being congested. The primary emotion in the lungs is grief. I see two major contributing factors — mask-wearing of course being the obvious one and also this grief.

I have found myself signing a lot, breathing deeply and struggling to get my breath when I have to wear a mask (it’s now mandated here) and for the hours after.

I am prescribing the usual medicines for asthma and they are getting the expected results. I am also prescribing a lot of Ignatia. This is a remedy for lung congestion and is the primary medicine for GRIEF.

I am beginning to think that we are all grieving on some level. We are having to let go, realign and we are looking around in disbelief. Our lives have changed so significantly in the last few months.

I am starting to introduce Ignatia into most of my anxiety, depression and asthma cases and they are picking up SO fast! Who knew that this ‘exciting cause’ of global paralysis could cause us GRIEF!

Ignatia shifts the energy in the lungs and it helps relieve congestion and the emotions around loss, disbelief, despair, loneliness, deep grief and desperation.

I am now taking it myself a few times a day and I am coping with the mask better, I am less agitated by little things and more importantly, I can fill my lungs up properly whereas last week I was finding it hard…

Is it really asthma that I am treating or is it case after case of asthma-like presentation of emotions manifesting in the lungs from grief? I will keep you updated…but the cases are stacking in my clinic and the relief is almost immediate!

Optimism returned, more emotional resilience, greater bandwidth for bad news and disappointment, better lung function, and deeper breaths…I need ignatia at the moment, maybe we all do?

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