A very common presentation in my practice – extremely painful and of course an indication of more sinister pathology underneath for the individual.
Here is what to do –
❌ Alkalize your diet immediately! No meat, grains, or animal products and eat a 100% plant-based diet.
❌ Cherries to the rescue! I prescribe 3 days of cherries and cherry juice exclusively – no other food. It breaks down the uric acid and reduces the pain and inflammation fast! Cleans the bowels out nicely too! This is super important in reducing recurrent attacks and getting the body back on track and eliminating correctly.
❌ Reduce blood pressure and cholesterol immediately with a plant-based diet and start to exercise! 45 minutes every single day, if you can’t walk from the pain start to swim, do an elliptical bike pedal from your couch and start to lift hand weights, and do squats in your lounge room.
❌ Uric acid diathesis is very acute but it is most commonly an indication of various serious and chronic underlying conditions such as arteriosclerosis, hypertension, kidney, and fatty liver diseases.
❌ I prescribe aggressive juice and water fasting treatments for my patients along with aggressive remedy protocols of Medhorrhinum, Arnica, Chelidonium, and Lycopodium with wonderful success.
❌ For the acute pains of an attack of gout the remedies I reach for the most include:
* Colchicum – when the joint is red and sensitive to touch and cannot be moved or to be touched. The person often feels cold internally but there is great tearing and stinging pains in the joints. Often the patient is screaming in pain.
* Benzoic Acid – useful if the joint affected is the knees and big toes. Tearing pains and the patient often feels better in the open aid and from having the affected part uncovered.
* Ledum – useful when the joint affected is not just painful but also swollen. The joint feels better from cold application and the person also feels chilly.
* Arnica – useful when the part affected feels bruised and hurts when walking. The person is often afraid to be touched or approached because of the pain.
Gout is an acute ailment from underlying chronic disease. Please seek treatment for acute relief as well as deep detoxification and healing. If you are ready to prevent further acute episodes, increase longevity, and prolong your life I would love to help you.