For when your children argue –

Personally I love my children arguing their point with me and I encourage them to have a different opinion when it’s thought out. We joke in my house that my youngest will be an attorney as she is so convincing and really argues her point successfully!

However the back chat and the arguing between each other I nip in the bud quickly.

Believe it or not Homeopathic Medicine has a place here in balancing the emotions and most importantly keeping responses proportionate.

🌀Tuberculinum Bov – this remedy is magic! If you are in my care and have used this with your children in the school holidays you know what I mean!!

🌀Nux Vomica – I reach for this when the child/person is arguing for the sake of arguing and needs the win! They are competitive and fierce in their words and actions and it’s not often a healthy thing to be on the receiving end of such dogmatic views and stubbornness.

🌀Pulsatilla – for moodiness and sulking when the child/person doesn’t get their way. I also use this remedy for manipulative and cunning behavior.

🌀Lycopodium – for stubbornness and arrogance. The children/people who need this medicine are resistant to change and believe they are always right even when there is evidence they are not!

For dosage seek out the guidance of an experienced clinician.