Following your truth…

I have found myself with feelings of regret and shame whenever I have ignored my gut feelings and not followed my truth.

My truth knew that I needed to take my business 100% virtual 11 years ago and I listened, it meant that I was prepared, overly prepared now that the world is changing around us and medical and mental health care is now switching to online only. This is an example of when I DID follow my truth.

Unfortunately, there are many instances where I have NOT followed my truth and my life has often had months to years of the aftermath and clean up to get me back to a state of equilibrium again. Can you relate?

I have stayed too long in relationships as they were like a comfortable shoe, it was just easy to stay there. I have not spoken up and not acted with conviction. I have been taken from financially because I didn’t implement a boundary or cut off a situation…all of these have been painful and have had major costs.

These costs have taken months and in some cases years of my life away from me that has not been joyful. I am SUPER discerning now, listening to my inner voices of guidance, my gut feelings and my knowingness so that I can try to live more presently and make the shifts and the decisions necessary to not repeat the same mistakes.

If I had listened I would have not been in San Francisco last January where I was assaulted. My gut feeling for 3 weeks before this trip was not to go, but I pushed the feelings away and didn’t trust myself. I thought it was just irrational fear.

This mistake in not listening has cost me 18 months of my health and great joy as I have had to heal and work very hard every day to regain my life so that now it looks better than before.

Of course, there is a purpose and season to everything and the blessings that have come in the last 18 months and the silver lining I have great gratitude for. However, I do ask myself was the suffering necessary?

I think we create more of our own suffering because we don’t listen…

So many patients sit on video consultation with me every week and tell me they knew they had illness and symptoms for months and years before they reached out to me for help.

I use this phrase in my clinic ‘ you don’t wake up one day with bowel cancer, your body has given you symptoms for a long time before you arrive at this diagnosis.’ I think it’s the same for our happiness.

I believe that we receive nudges and knowing as we go along that I for one have been really crappy at listening to! It has cost me great joy, fulfillment and contentment.

NO MORE! I walk miles and hike every day and as I walk I ask myself — what am I not listening to, what do I feel the need to change, what limits should I be setting and what else can I do to bring more joy and happiness into my life?

Following my truth is the best way I can take responsibility for my happiness and now as I get closer to 40 it has never ever been more important to me…

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