Fluid Retention

Fluid retention is a sign of chronic inflammation and can also be related to hormonal health. Many men and women struggle with this round their ankles, legs, abdomen, and the fingers and wrists and just think it’s part of aging. It is NOT.

Our bodies speak to us constantly through symptoms and unfortunately, it’s only when symptoms become unbearable that we seek help. Prevention is always better than cure and adopting a low salt, low meat diet can greatly improve the discomfort and appearance of fluid retention.

Fluid retention can be a sign of chronic inflammation as well as acute inflammation, both as equally should not be ignored!

It is a sign that your lymphatic system is congested and needs detoxification. I share many ways to achieve this in my detoxification webinar — https://youtu.be/DyTolVHGnoY

For fast relief for constant and irritating fluid retention, I use the remedy Phytolacca in my clinic. This remedy is great for treating a sluggish lymphatic system, swollen glands, and excessive fluid. This remedy also relieves wandering pains, cracked nipples from breastfeeding, tonsillitis and sinusitis. I use this remedy a lot for those who have congestive heart failure, diabetes, kidney problems, and who are overweight.

I also use this remedy to prevent and treat tonsillitis and glandular fever so it is a common remedy that I use for teenagers and college students who get run down from late nights and little sleep.

My best results this month with this remedy was with a patient who had pain in her face and mouth that felt like an electric shock. This remedy has done wonders for her demeanor as well as diminished her reliance on her pain medications from her neuralgic pain.

How wonderful homeopathy is as it treats the whole person in totality. The body speaks to us and it is our job to listen and then give assistance to the body organs, systems, and emotions to enable healing.

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