My favorite quote at the moment is “being scared is part of being alive, accept it, walk through it.”
To really reach into personal FREEDOM, in every area of our life – whether it’s physical, emotional, spiritual, or with your health, you have to face it.
I’ve always been unsure about what this actually looks like.
How do you actually look it in the face and consciously work on it? Recently, it hit me that it’s not facing it as much as not suppressing and running away from it.
It’s allowing the tears to flow, continuing to look in the mirror as you feel the shame and the torment, reaching inwards to try and find the meaning in the self-doubt. It’s also about finding your spiritual center, whatever that is, and reaching for this.
What I am learning about fear is that it follows you, it never actually leaves. I read other authors and quotes about fear and facing it and then it is overcome. My current thought on this is that it actually never leaves, it’s with you always, it’s just about the amount of power and space you give it.
A few ways I have been facing my fears lately –
Living in a 24-hour chunk at a time – I keep my decisions and my thoughts in this 24 hours only so I can be present and proportionate in my thoughts
Being clear about my yes and my no’s – I don’t read, listen, follow, or invest in anything that triggers any of my fears. I allow myself to feel vulnerable and that is OK
Remind myself what I CAN do well and engage in more of this. I am filling my life with lots of “I CANS’.
Getting stuck and paralyzed in your fears on occasion is part of finding the strength to overcome them. This is a journey, I’m not convinced there is a final destination…so one day at a time…
This is part of me being a successful adult and I am embracing it – more growth to come!